Sacred Incense - Breu Amarello

Resin, Cut & Sifted, Rough, 35 Gr from Brazil (SKU 3800)

Cut and sifted resin of the aromatic Breu Amarello, from the amazonian rain forest of Pará, Brazil. This resin is wild-harvested by hand and is totally sustainable. A clean purifying scent. Sprinkle over burning charcoal placed in a heatproof dish.

Packed in plastic pots containing 35 gram.

Breu Amarello is an aromatic resin sustainably wild harvested from the Protium heptaphyllum tree in the Brazilian Amazon, and considered sacred to the indigenous people. This yellow resin has been used in Brazil for centuries in ceremonies, healing rituals, to ward off evil spirits, for physical problems and to create good energy. Breu Amarello smoke is similar to a light Copal in its fragrance, it relaxes the mind and encourages a space for recepitivity and reflection.

Other names: Protium heptaphyllum

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